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GOFAB serves customers in the state and local government segment by creating products for the building of schools and other governmental buildings and projects. Many of these products include aluminum handrails, walkways, bridges, and school awnings and railings. Each product is customized to the individual customer’s need.
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GOFAB is able to serve the needs of parks and recreational facilities by producing projects necessary for these environments. Our services for parks and recreation sometimes tie to governmental projects as well. These products are specifically tailored for any all needs of a park or recreational area. Some examples include covered walkways, railings, awnings, hand…
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GOFAB fabricates products for all hunting and outdoor recreational needs and desires. We can produce any hunting product for your hunting needs including customized hunting towers, hunting blinds, and feeders. GOFAB can design feeders, fire pits, and blinds made of various types of metal.
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